Hello! This is Déja. She is an island gyal born and raised in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Déja is a savvy wellness-focused entrepreneur, yoga enthusiast, vegan cook, sorceress with words, and cannabis equity advocate.

Déja now resides in Manhattan, New York. She is the CEO and Founder of Bananaquit Media, where she works alongside corporate and private clients to produce stunning digital media content that educates, engages and empowers audiences.

Holistic healing her greatest love. From making green juices to masterminding homemade veggie burgers, Déja has tried it all.

From January to June of 2018, Déja took a walk on the wild side and traveled to Southeast Asia to learn about ancient healing practices of other cultures. It paid off– she returned to the states committed to building a digital space where she could share knowledge from her own people. In August of that year, she began the blog component of her site to share her personal and cultural wellness traditions inspired by her Caribbean heritage.

Now, Déja educates communities of color by creating stunning digital content to make health and wellness accessible. At its core, Déja Chaniah is a platform extension of who she is: a blog aimed at empowering people to live well.

Welcome to her little corner of the universe 🌍